Caro’s Favourite

  • Rynier Keet
  • South Africa
  • Watercolor
  • 56 x 76cm
  • This painting shows SAAF C130 406 at AFB Bloemspruit, just after the inauguration of President Ramaphosa. It was captained by the late Lt Col Caro Duven, callsign “ Chucky”, the first female C130 commander in the SAAF. The photo that I used was taken by Joey de Villiers a flight engineer on BK117 helicopters, based at Air Force Station Port Elizabeth, 15 Sqn, C-flight. Joey took this photograph whilst taking refreshments out to the aircraft and saw the reflection in a puddle of water, still there after the previous day’s rain and thought it would make an excellent photograph. He was right, and when I saw it on FB, I knew I had to paint it – a bargain as I got to paint two aircraft at the same time.

    Joey’s closing word to me was that Hercules 406 was Caro’s favourite.

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