Expressions of Hope Judging Results & Critiques

Winner: Artist Category

Morning Sunshine by Zhou Tianya

Morning Sunshine by Zhou Tianya
‘Mastery of the medium, you can feel the warmth of the sun in this scene full of life. A casual yet intimate subject with delightful details, textures and brushwork that guide you through the piece and make you want to share breakfast with them.’ by Morgane Antoine.
‘A masterful work well composed, and the paint handling is expertly accomplished. The variety of paint techniques are appropriate and well managed with some areas very tightly executed and other parts treated loosely. A composition reminiscent of the old Masters this is an extremely accomplished piece of work from a superb contemporary Chinese painter.’ by Angus McEwan.

Winner: Beginner’s Category

The Tattered Flag, A Dream of Time by Naseema Barday

The Tattered Flag, A Dream of Time by Naseema Barday
‘Wonderful details and textures with an intriguing narrative. I love it that I can discover new elements every time I look at it so I kept coming back!’ by Morgane Antoine .
‘A sophisticated image that would challenge even those with a lot of experience. There is a nice feeling of light pervading the room through the window. A nice understanding of perspective as well, especially aerial perspective, creates a lovely moody atmosphere that matches the subject matter perfectly.’ by Angus McEwan

Artists Category Honorable Mentions

Abundant Blue by Aimee Lindeque
‘I had to zoom in to see all the intricacy and wonderful details this little whimsical world has to offer. This is the kind of piece I could lose myself into for quite some time! ‘ by Morgane Antoine.

Spring has Come by Anna Pluda

Uncle Hamid by Dewanand Ramteke
‘A portrait full of character and kindness of whom I presume is a beloved family member. Subtle tones and the delicate work on the whites give it an ethereal quality. ‘ by Morgane Antoine.

Neo-Classic Building – Crete by Chrysoula Argyros
‘The textures and fading details that give this old building so much character have been beautifully captured in this piece’ by Morgane Antoine.

My Soul Sings by Mary Henry McMillan

Face in the Shadows by Ros Brown

The News Reader – Crete Country by Chrysoula Argyros

Night Queen by Irena Noreikaite Petraitiene
‘The strong light gives this piece a very graphic look. And yet if you dive in you’ll see lots of subtle values and a lovely delicate touch.’ by Morgane Antoine. 

Let the Children Play by Thea Darlow
‘A beautiful snapshot capture of a child immersed in his play world. I love the very spontaneous feel of this piece and the brushwork’ by Morgane Antoine.
‘Uncomplicated but executed in a carefree manner which evokes Sargent. Beautifully painted and a simple subject but this is rendered in a lovely loose style which we all come to expect from Watercolour.’ by Angus McEwan

To Build is to Hope by Linda Fourie
‘I love the “re-structured” paper emphasizing the building concept, very neat and well executed.’ by Morgane Antoine

Puppy Play by Ina Millman

And so a New Day Dawns by Gayle Gerber

Lech, Czech & Rus by Nikolas Wereszczynski
‘A beautiful, intriguing and narrative illustration that makes me want to know the story behind. ‘ by Morgane Antoine .
‘A highly accomplished painting reminiscent of The Art nouveau Posters from the late 19th early 20th Century, by Alphonse Mucha as well as the iconographic imagery from Eastern European Illustration. Exquisitely drawn, this is a highly individualistic approach to painting, beautifully composed and heavy with symbolism it is great to see such a unique style.’ by Angus McEwan

Mother’s Pride by Corinne Erasmus
‘A beautifully executed piece full of tenderness that is warming your heart! The expressions of the cubs and mother are very lifelike and perfectly captured.’ by Morgane Antoine.

Seeking the Light by Coral Ye Chen

Release by Bronwen Schalkwyk

Bird’s Paradise by Cheryl Curnick

I Lift my Hands to Heaven by Marcia Pyner

Gogo….the family’s anchor by Wendy Fundudis

Joy of Life by Alyson Guy

Beginner’s Category Honorable Mentions

Underwater Bouquet #3 by Emma Patterson
‘A very interesting approach which resembles linocut in its use of pattern to render objects. There is a lovely sense of abstract design that is perfect for representing the surface refraction of light and colour on water. This sees the break up the bouquet into a simplified but also sophisticated realisation of the subject.’ by Angus McEwan

Innerpeace by Tanja Lategan
‘I love the mix of intricate details on top of the flowing washes, the spontaneity of the latter balancing with the thoughtful, geometrical arrangement of the former into an eye-pleasing composition.’ by Morgane Antoine.

One Afternoon by Bianca Luztre

Covid Budgeting by Tanja Lategan

Blossoms – New Life by Tina Chang

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