How To Become An Amazing Artist

Want to become an amazing artist? It takes work but you can do it. Follow these tips to achieve your goal quickly.

Paint a lot. It doesn’t matter how well you can paint if you don’t do it. Even if you magically had the skills of Rembrandt but never paint, those skills mean nothing. There will be times you can’t paint because of other responsibilities, so make the most of the time you do have to paint. You will need a large portfolio of work and there is no substitute for practice if you want to improve your skills.

Never stop learning. No matter how good you get at art, you can always get better. There is no final destination, just a wonderful journey. Visit museums and galleries and artists’ studios. Learn from the past masters but also from paintings you do not like.

Self-critique. Be brutally honest with yourself. If a painting did not turn out well, don’t get frustrated. Examine it and figure out why. You will learn much more from a failed painting than an easy one.

Be original. Don’t copy another artist’s style or subjects. Paint what you enjoy and your own personality and style will come out. Do not follow the market by painting what is currently selling well. Lead the market by creating art you love. There is a buyer for every artwork. Be yourself!

Challenge yourself. Don’t do what is easy. Push yourself. Try new media and techniques. Enter competitions. Paint larger and faster. If something seems too difficult to paint, that is exactly what you should paint. If creating art is comfortable you aren’t growing.

Friends Christopher Reid and Charmé Southey painting en plein air in Hermanus.

Connect with other artists. They are not your competition in becoming an amazing artist, you are. Other artists will inspire you to reach greater heights, provide a support network, open up new opportunities, and become close friends.

Share your artwork. If you create incredible artworks but nobody sees them, a lot of people will miss out on the chance to enjoy your art and be inspired by it. Exhibit often, share on social media, and plein air paint.

Make creating art your passion. Focus on improving your art and experimenting. Dedicate yourself to art. You will get out of it what you put into it.

Smile. Never forget that art is fun. Enjoy the process of creating. You are already better than anyone in the world at being you. YOU ARE ALREADY AMAZING!

Christopher Reid working on “Super Selfie” a self-portrait in acrylic

Christopher Reid

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