‘Out of Africa’ Winners

Winners of the WASA ‘Out of Africa’ Online Exhibition group (


1st Place: Rynier Keet (South Africa) – Rhino in Shade

2nd Place: Coleen Williams (South Africa) – First Light

3rd Place: Faizal Dilloo (Mauritius) – Dome of the Rock

HONORABLE MENTIONS: to the following artists for their paintings:

Elise Erasmus – Skipper:

Andre Olwage – Blacksmith Lapwing:

Chrysoula Argyros – Resting in Tranquility:

Penny Steynor – Fynbos Path:

Samantha Lee – Form/Nest:

Jeremy Day – K(No)wn Name Brands:

Leonora de Lange – Relaxing:

Shelley Mattinson – Woman of Africa:

Arie Swanepoel – Zebras:

Madelein Bronn – I do, I do:

Bronwen Schalkwyk – Tidal Twirl – South African Turban Shell:

Coleen Williams – Dawn Dust Dance:

Simone Dee Russel – Bee on Purple Background:

Ros Brown Corrish – Fields of Gold:

Wendy Baumgarten – Richard:

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