‘Splash of Red’ – Should We Enter?

The answer is yes and again yes!

I highly recommend that every artist should enter art competitions. 

I was terrified when I first did. The thrill of eventually being recognized, even if only a mention, was a major WOW for me. 

It is a huge challenge to enter and especially when you are an inexperienced artist. I have grown hugely.

I find it a lot easier to not focus on winning. It is a huge honor to have your art validated, especially when you know how much effort you have put into learning art. 

I enjoy dragging a few friends in to enter as well. The comradery that is built up amongst us is so much fun. We look at all the other entries and compare which ones are our favorites and why? We encourage and are excited for each other. That is what being an artist is all about. Share and keep sharing. This applies to your art knowledge as well.

I have in the past studied the top achievers and have tried to understand what makes them stand out. You are inclined to feel a little intimidated and then I remind myself that I am one of a kind and make the decision to go for it! If I love my painting does it really matter if others don’t? Art is subjective. Don’t give up entering the same painting. What one judge dislikes another will like. 

A quote taken from an article written by Lisa Skelly:

“My advice is to be brave and enter, reach for the stars, dream big, put your work out there, and be willing to learn more from entering, rather than just focusing on the big prize. Celebrate your wins and your growth as an artist, then enter your best paintings.”

Such true words! 

Enjoy your art journey.

Marian Mattinson
WASA Admin, KZN.

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