Rekha Sinath Reviews Lovebird Watercolour

by Rekha Sinath (

I learnt about the launch of LoveBird Watercolours from the founder’s Instagram page (  Afsana and I studied Engineering together approximately 20 years ago; little did I realise our paths would cross again through our passion for creating.  I ordered the Shimmering Gems palette of paints online from a stockist in Johannesburg, and eagerly anticipated its arrival. 

When I received paints, I was most impressed firstly by the personal attention to detail: from the packaging, labelling and branding, hand written note on colour card from the creator, even detail to having little magnets affixed to the palettes to keep them attached to metal container!

Being a bit of a magpie, I was naturally drawn to the shimmer/iridescence of these paints.  I set about testing these paints, on Arches watercolour paper (300gsm) as well as on Yupo paper.  I worked with these paints on white/light backgrounds as well as on darker backgrounds and used in combination with Winsor and Newton and Daniel Smith watercolours. 

I was very pleased with the vibrancy of the colours, with the fact that it did not disperse the underlying colours or colours surrounding the paint application which I previously experienced with some other iridescent paints.  From this I inferred that the particle size of the pigments used in the Shimmering Gems was small enough to prevent dispersion of paints around it, which I later confirmed with the creator of these paints.  She further shared that these paints are light fast.   I worked wet on wet as well as wet on dry and attained good results, with wet on dry more suited to the application I intended.

I have used these paints in the works shown and was very satisfied with the outcomes.  I have found my go to palette of iridescent paints, which was also affordable and good value.  I look forward to trying out some of the other paints from this local manufacturer of artisanal paints, who has  in depth knowledge of the chemistry and science of paints, pigments and binders as well as the utilisation thereof by artists, being one herself.